About La Flaca

Growing Manifesto

At La Flaca we know our food system can be better. When you buy from us, you’re eating clean and fair food.

What does CLEAN mean at La Flaca?

It means using ladybugs and natural oils as pest control instead of chemical pesticides. It’s translated to composting and sourcing natural fertilizers instead of cutting corners and buying a big bag of chemicals.

What does FAIR mean at La Flaca?

It means living wages and non-exploitative labor practices. We don’t believe in profits at the expense of those who lovingly tend to our food. When you buy from us, you're empowering a new generation of farmers.

Why do we care?

To sustainably provide only the best to our customers, we must abide to the principle of leaving things better than we found them. This includes the communities we touch, the land we borrow, and the biodiversity that enables our work.

Thank you for your trust, we look forward to exceeding your expectations.